National Handloom Emporium ,Jaisalmer


national handloom emporium

Rajashthani Art & Craft are well known all over the world. National Handloom Emporium is one of the largest retail store, selling a wide variety of articles in Jaisalmer.

We provide all types of Art & Craft products under one roof.

Exquisite range of Jewellery set designs with semi- previous & precious stones. Loose gemstones are also available.

Unique selection of best quality, cotton printed, silk bed covers in vibrat & traditional prints.

You will also get a wide variety of Mirror work that replicate the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

Traditional style beautifully designed lac bangles either plain or studded with glass pieces, bright & previous stones.

We also keep wodden items that represents our rich culture.Apart from these we also keep 100 grm quilts, juities and many more.

All items are available at a very reasonable prices that our customer will appreciate.

Our moto is to offer the best product & best price to our customer.

Deals in Bandhani Saree, Bandhej Saree, ciffon, designer bandhani saree, fancy bandhani saree, gaoun, Kurti, modern bandhani saree, Printed Dresses, Printed saree, samo satin, Sarees, traditional bandhani saree .

The best collection of Designers Sarees for every occasion. We have our speciality in exclusive Bhandhani Sarees.


You can find the latest fashion trends in Ready made Garments with our exuberant apparel collection for all age group.

The art of Bandhana is a highly skilled process.


The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns like Chandrakala, Bavan Baug, Shikari etcetera; depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied.


The main colour used in Bandhana are yellow, red, blue, green and black.

The main colours used in Bandhana are natural. As Bandhani is a tie and dye process, dying is done by hand and hence best colours and combinations are possible in Bandhanis.

The Bandhani work has been exclusively carried out by the Khatri community of Kutchh and Saurashtra.

A meter length of cloth can have thousands of tiny knots known as 'Bheendi' in the local language ('Gujarati'). These knots form a design once opened after dyeing in bright colours. Traditionally, the final products can be classified into 'khombhi', 'Ghar Chola', 'Chandrakhani', 'Shikari', 'Chowkidaar', 'Ambadaal' and other categories.

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